”If you can laugh together,
you can work together”

– Robert Orben

How it works

After getting the admin done and booking your game, the fun details begin; prior to the event you will be split into teams by your organiser. Dress up, dress down, add some crazy or colour – dress however you please, it is your team and your game.

After you arrive at your event, each team will receive an iPhone handset with the game loaded and ready to start via an app. Only 1 handset per team.

Once everyone is gathered, your facilitator will give you an introduction to the game, how it works and take you through a quick trial. Your game is then activated and it’s time to see how your team can fly in formation like a gaggle of geese, honking in harmony and flaunting your feathered finesse to crush the competition!

Find out more:

A great start to get a feel for things is to check out previous games on YouTube. Alternatively, head over to our GAMES page to check out some of the options on offer for fun team building events in Cape Town and beyond.

Also, you will be able to follow your own activity and see highlights once your game is over.

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