t   Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure safety during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We follow all Covid-19 protocol before, during and after any events. Read more about our safety protocols.

Do you supply masks and hand santiser for in person games?

We don’t supply masks, please bring your own. We will supply  hand sanitizer per team.

How many people can take part in a wild goose chase game?

A minimum of 15 people is required for a game to go ahead. A game can be played with 10 players (absolute smallest numbers), however the minimum fee which covers 15 players is still applicable. Maximum number is 140 players at one time. 

How long do we need to take part in a wild goose chase game?

Each wild goose chase game is 90 minutes long, but plan for time before and after the game for the briefing and debriefing post the event. In total, plan for 2 hours more or less – it all depends how large your group is. Please note for customized games, the time can be different from what is said above.

Where do we meet for the game?

Each game has its relevant meeting place – it all depends on which game you book. However, you will be notified in good time in order to make the necessary arrangements.

Is the game played on foot or do we need transport?

Most games are played on foot, unless otherwise stipulated. Driving games do exist and then you need your own transport.

Do you run games on a weekend?

Yes, but most games are scheduled for the weekday.

Do I need to be fit to take part in a wild goose chase game?

Being comfortably mobile is a good start. And no, this is a game for everyone regardless of fitness levels. We’ve seen the team of ‘ou toppies’ (older folks), beat the younger team as they were more strategic in their approach and communicated clearly with each other – they had a plan! But please note, you do need to notify the facilitator if you are pregnant, have a pace maker, on dialysis etc. and you will need to present a doctor’s note giving you the ‘all clear’. In saying all this, the game does require you to move about at pace but running is not allowed by the teams. Also, keep your team’s ability to move in mind when booking a game – for example a game at KNBG’s is a bit more taxing (it’s on the side of Table Mountain) than the Long March to Freedom game (which is a small area and flat).

What must we wear?

A hat (for the hot summer days), and clothing you can move about in comfortably (the heat is on very quickly, due to nerves, excitement or just more movement than you’ve ever done at the office before). Rather bring a change of kit and leave it in your car, if you are heading for a smart lunch post your game.  Jeans are not recommended in the middle of summer! Leave your handbag behind (you carry whatever you bring along with you) and tekkies (sneakers) are best suited. This is no place for high heels or sandals. Each team is provided with a backpack for the duration of the event – you can use this to carry car keys, cell phones etc. Teams are welcome and encouraged to come dressed in their team’s colour or a particular theme, but it’s your game so it’s up to those taking part.

Do you supply food or water?

No. It is up to each team to bring their own water and snacks. Tip: best to always make sure the participants have water with them for the duration of the game (and perhaps challenge them to bring their own bottle from home, to avoid all those single use plastic bottles going to the dump).

Must we download the app and how much data do we need?

You don’t need to download the app to play the game or use your own smart phone. Each team is provided with a smart phone with data and the game loaded, ready to go.  

What time do the games start?

Wild goose chase games are scheduled to start at 10am in the morning or 2:30 in the afternoon. Customised game times do and can vary from this, depending on the client’s needs.

Do we need to be in Cape Town or Johannesburg to play?

The games are in person only – so if you are in the greater Cape Town area, you need to be in Cape Town, at the game you have booked. Same applies for Johannesburg. There are no remote games on offer.

We are 2 people in Cape Town for the day, can we join up with another group playing?

Each game takes place for a specific group that has booked a game exclusively for their own use. If you wish to take part in a game, why not organise another 14 people to play with you and make it a party?


What does it cost to take part in a wild goose chase game?

It all depends how many participants are taking part; the more participants the lower the price per person. Email talktome@thegg.co.za to get a breakdown in the pricing.

What happens if it rains the day our wild goose chase game is booked for?

The game must go on! But in all seriousness, we keep an eye on the weather and liaise with the organizer in good time before your event is scheduled to go ahead. If it’s looking to be a downpour, we reschedule to a better date and time that works for all involved. If it’s an event that cannot be moved i.e. the game is happening in line with a work conference, we make the necessary plans to allow things to go forwards. We’ve played the game many times in drizzle and some downpours, so we know that it is possible and can be done. Usually the participants are so busy trying to win, that the rain is of little bother.

Can you book a restaurant and organise our transport to and from the event please?

Sorry, we are going to stick to organising what you came to us for, which is to take part in a wild goose chase game. But, each game is near to a number of popular restaurants and within walking vicinity and you won’t battle to find something that meets the needs of all your team members. Speak to us, we have many games where a restaurant or 4 is close by and or conference facilities. We can provide you with details.

Do we get to keep the photos we take during the game?

Yes of course! These are yours to keep, look at again and again and have another good laugh. Try getting together as a team again, when you view them for the first time. The pics are usually sent to the organiser of your event, a day or two afterwards. 

How many teams are there in a game?

It all depends on how many people are taking part in total. We like to not look at anything less than 4 to 5 people per team. Some teams have gone up to 10 players each – all depends on the total number of participants, the venue and objective for taking part in a wild goose chase game. This will all be discussed beforehand and decided, so that teams can be organised and allocated in good time.

Do you hand out any prizes to the winners?

If you wish to hand out any prizes for the winners, this can be done at the end. We can work with you to hear how many prizes you have that you wish to hand out at the end and what the categories should be. Again, we have some suggestions.  Often companies do not hand out prizes as bragging rights are more than sufficient! Any prizes are for the client’s account.

Are there toilets where we are playing?

Some places have public rest rooms more accessible than others – it all depends on which game you have booked. Best you go to the loo before you arrive.  However often loos are more accessible during a game and a team needs to just work around this.

What’s the youngest age that can take part in a game?

Kids ages 13 and above have taken part in games in the past, but generally we prefer to keep this to an adult arena.

Can a game be played after working hours?

No.  Depending on the season a game can be stretched to start later in the afternoon to try accommodate a working day, however due to the fact that the game requires one to take photos and videos in order to complete the challenges, good day light is needed, otherwise the main essence of the game is lost and spoilt as a result of bad lighting.