“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

– Plato.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

– Plato.

Our Games

We have a range of exciting games and fun team building events.

Choose from our existing selection of games or request one to be custom built to your needs. We can go anywhere in South Africa (or beyond the borders) as long as there is a good cell phone signal (and electricity for that cell phone tower).

Our wild goose chase games are a great platform to allow participants to connect with serious fun.


Participants 1

“I was able to get to know my team and they got to know me. The game was fun, exciting and stimulating all at the same time. I would do it again and again. Interactive, fun and different.”

Danielle – game participant

Participants 2

“Teams are working together much better since taking part in the game at 2 Oceans Aquarium and you can tell that everyone feels a sense of belonging.”.

Armien – game participant

Participants 3

“Being an individual that comes from a place where participating in a game which we only often see on television makes you feel so good about yourself. I haven’t felt as happy and haven’t trusted people on such a level since I can remember, and I’ve learn’t a lot about our land’s history – not just the humans but about the plants too. And that’s just a small piece of the conversation that me and another person had who has also been blessed to play this game. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Rudy – game participant

Participants 4

“Loved the game via an app!!!! I have done activities like this before, but the app brings a whole new dynamic to the team side of things…to be able to see in real time what the others are doing and whether you are ahead or behind brings real (friendly) competition into play! Also loved the fact that you can keep the photos from all teams after the game…the experience continues well after the actual event and the laughing, jokes and fun can be remembered for ever!!”

Gael – game participant

Participants 5

“We have had a tough year so far and the team started to become a little disjointed. This was a great way to force them to work together and develop other skills.”

Dominic – game participant

Participants 6

“Our objective was to allow some fun interaction between workers without work as the main conversation point. Also to allow more interaction between people who might not be in touch with others in the team as much due to work processes and requirements, to also get to know each other better. Yes, these objectives were met and teams got to bond.”

Penny – game participant

l  Customised Scavenger Hunt Games

A customised scavenger hunt game with The Gallivanting Goose offers a wide range of benefits for clients.

Customised games can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, whether it’s team building events, brand awareness, or simply a fun social activity. The game can incorporate branding, messaging and themes that are relevant to you, making it a unique and memorable experience.

Games can be designed to fit the specific location and culture of the client. The Gallivanting Goose has experience creating games in various cities, along wine routes and for team breakaways for strategy sessions and can adapt the game to incorporate local landmarks, historical sites and cultural traditions.

A customised game also allows for greater flexibility and creativity in terms of the challenges and tasks that participants must complete. The Gallivanting Goose can work with the client to design challenges that are fun, engaging, and aligned with the client’s goals.

With a tailor-made game, we can create a sense of excitement and anticipation among participants, as they look forward to the unique and personalized experience that awaits them. This can help to build morale, increase engagement and promote a sense of community among participants.

A custom scavenger hunt game with The Gallivanting Goose offers a fun and engaging way to achieve a variety of goals, while also providing a personalised experience for participants.

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