I’m Larissa. Nice to meet you! I’m the founder behind The Gallivanting Goose.

I’m Larissa. Nice to meet you! I’m the founder behind The Gallivanting Goose

t   What is the Gallivanting Goose?

We’re a company that offers corporate team building activities, group adventures and city exploration while taking part in a mobile scavenger hunt, best known to us as a wild goose chase game. With deep historical and cultural knowledge of Cape Town, it’s surrounding towns, wine farms and attractions, Johannesburg and many other parts of South Africa, we offer unique mobile scavenger hunts and custom team building activities that make use of an app to gamify the experience.  Fun, immersive and educational, the experience offers an element of competition while all activities are tracked in real-time. Members of teams participating must work together to complete challenges via the app, requiring them to be creative, use teamwork, good communication, strategy, and problem-solving skills.   

Z   Goals

  • Deliver a team building activity, group adventure or city exploration where everyone joining in gets involved. Where there are no cringe-worthy moments, all participants are engaged, have a good laugh and stretch their brains while doing so = building real connections and memorable experiences.
  • We aim to honour your decision to take part in a game, by providing the best experience for your group and making you the undisputed champion of your office, for making such a great choice!
  • To provide a kick-butt platform for marketers, bosses, managers, attractions or brands to install knowledge in brains around their company values or practices, or deliver a message and information about their product, in a unique and memorable way, to their targeted audience, through customized games.
  • Most importantly, our goal is to provide a platform for people to connect in a very real and memorable way – often with good laughter involved! We are social creatures after all!

h   Our Story

The Gallivanting Goose was started after an app driven scavenger hunt, birthday celebration I created for family and friends; there was so much exuberant laughter and energy after the event, and I had so much fun putting it together. I was in corporate at the time, and I was  always trying to find for my extended team and colleagues, the best value for money experience for us to do together where we could connect outside of the office, where it wasn’t a day out around a table of food (team outing), but something we all got to engage in, alongside one another and a chance to bond. I realised as a marketer and manager in the office, that there was a gap in the market for an app driven, educational, engaging, live scavenger hunt in the corporate world!

That was all in the last half of 2015. Since then, we’ve run events for corporates, small and large from 10 players to 140 and created games in well and lesser known attractions, places of beauty, interest and historical significance in South Africa! We’ve custom made games for wine routes, HR managers who needed to introduce a new concept to their staff, to big tourist attractions who needed to educate front line staff on their offerings and groups who needed to onboard their interns to their brand. We’ve received rave reviews, had a few people talk about us in various print and online publications, initiated many meaningful connections and created experiences for people to allow them to remember details about a place they would not ordinarily have known about.  

I’m passionate about South Africa and I love to share and show it off!  I’m a detailed, organised person and take great joy in bringing people together, creating an opportunity for real connections, experiences and providing a chance for folks to have a good laugh!

  Past Clients

Clients 1

“To Larissa, you covered all properties fantastically! Even those attending from attractions learned a thing or two that they were not aware of. You took time to analyse our brief and as a result produced an excellent product for the educational. Well done for being a great ambassador of the Big 6 and for representing all of us with distinction. You truly made the attraction visits engaging and educational!”

John – client

Clients 2

“Thank you so much to The Gallivanting Goose and the team at the Long March to Freedom. I speak on
behalf of my team, each and every one had an absolutely amazing time; such an awesome activity filled
with such a wealth of information left us all wanting to go back again.”

Jill – client

Clients 3

“Thank you so much for all your organising. The teams had an absolute blast.  When each team heard the other team was doing the activity they were all so excited and raved about the experience.  I am preparing a wall in our department to put up pics of the teams.  It has been absolutely great working with you too and wish you all the best. “

Michelle – client

Clients 4

“What fun we had yesterday! Thank you for your time and all the effort put in to a successful day. I have not seen the pics but the management team probably have already, as I heard them giggling from their conference room just after I sent the images. I will also promote your team building to the other department groups in the office.”

Harriette – client

Clients 5

“We liked being outdoors and the game allowed for all to get involved. We loved the creativity of the game as it encourages engagement and allows one to think outside the norms. I would recommend Stellenbosch as the best course as the town is small and intimate. It was fun and very team friendly. I really liked how the game engaged our head, heart and hands…lots of fun. it was cool all round. We enjoyed that it allowed us to work as a team and to express our creativity under pressure. Loved the competitiveness of it. Fun, outdoors, healthy competition. We learnt something new and had many laughs!”

Alison – client

Clients 6

“Once again, thank you for the amazing experience! The team really enjoyed it, even though they were exhausted afterwards. I have shared the lovely, or rather lively pics with the team and also the ones who could not join, so maybe there is enough FOMO for us to do it again :)”

Shireen – client