Playing a game with The Gallivanting Goose and your group, will be the best thing you ever do together. Bring your over-competitive marketing person, skeptical finance manager, and stressed out sales director, as you laugh and solve problems collectively. Or grab the chance to create a memorable event with fellow travellers as you adventure across a popular tourist destination and see and experience it in an unforgettable way. By embracing technology, history and abandoned fun, you will discover the joy of your surroundings. You'll also experience the creative potential and ‘never seen before’ skill set of your teammates. Use a game to discover new ways to improve communication, encourage "out of the box thinking" or strengthen existing relationships. Use it to make new friends. Your team will enjoy exploring the local sights, connecting with colleagues and crossing the barriers of any preconceived differences, with relative ease.

The Gallivanting Goose is passionate about people, interesting and beautiful places, history and bringing new ideas to life and delivering an exciting and dynamic activity that brings groups together. 99.9% of clients surveyed to date would recommend a game with The Goose to friends or colleagues. You and your group can enjoy this experience for yourselves!

The founder of The Gallivanting Goose preferred to play a round of golf (she does not play golf) back in her corporate days, instead of doing ‘another lame team building activity’. So, there is a great deal of insight that goes into the creation of each game to avoid the word ‘lame’ coming to mind of the participants. The Goose would prefer that you add your voice to those who keep referring the game on and on to others as ‘something truly exhilarating’ to experience.

After the game, all photos and videos will be uploaded and Dropboxed to the participating members of the event. These photos can be downloaded and used as you please. This will allow the laughter and camaraderie to continue. But more importantly, you’ll get to see different personalities or skill sets that may not come out in ‘everyday scenarios’. Colleagues and friends might have some new-found respect or fresh insights into one another, allowing for stronger bonds that positively affect the group.

This fun, energetic, and all-inclusive day can only result in building a stronger team.

We’ll feel privileged should you choose to play a game with The Gallivanting Goose as we realise it’s a big investment on your part as you take time away from your day. We aim to honour your decision by providing the best experience for your group and making you the undisputed champion of your office, for making such a great choice.